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What is a .brand?

Very simply, a .brand is a Top-Level Domain (TLD) like .com or .org, but it’s your brand name to the right of the dot, and you own the entire name space.



A .brand provides you with incredible flexibility. By owning a .brand, your organization controls an entire piece of the Internet – your own digital ecosystem. This allows you to register any name you like, to use in any way you like, and infuse more innovation, creativity, and security into your digital strategy.

All while helping your business build better connections with customers and overcoming some of the complex challenges in today’s marketing world like expensive paid search and squatting costs.


Wondering What Goes Into Launching a Branded TLD?

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The Case for Becoming a .brand

Neustar recently took the plunge, launching our .neustar Top-Level Domain (TLD) in order to take advantage of everything that owning your own little piece of the Internet provides.

.neustar Launch Guide

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.brands Industry Report

A digest of the must-know news, valuable advice and biggest use cases of recent months to give you a taste of the .brand industry.


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A 360-degree Approach to Launching Your .brand

Our comprehensive white paper shows you how to manage your .brand launch every step of the way.

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